FluX Repertoire

Repertoire List

Once accepted into the FluX, participants need to do the following:

For modern flute, outline and send us a list of three (3) solo works and one (1) etude book that you plan to prepare. These pieces will come from the m-flute list.

For Baroque flute, outline and send us a list of of one piece from each category from the b-flute list that you plan to prepare. In addition, please select three (3) preludes in flat keys from Hotteterre's L'Art de preluder.

Baroque unaccompanied
JS Bach, BWV 1013
CPE Bach, H 561 (Wq 132)
Telemann, 12 Fantasias (1, 4, 5, 9, 10, 12)
JD Braun, Pièces sans basse*
J-M Hotteterre, L’Art de preluder*†
    Modern unaccompanied
    John Thow, To Invoke the Clouds (1995, solo version)
    Cary Boyce, Die Möwe und das Meer (1995)
    Hans-Martin Linde, Anspielungen (1999)
    Patricio da Silva, Recursions (2007)
    Benjamin Krause, Spirals (2009)
      With continuo
      JS Bach, BWV 1035
      J-M Leclair, Sonata in e, Op. 9, no. 2, from Quatrième Livre de Sonates *
      JG Müthel, Sonata in D (Pineda edition)
      MP de Monteclair, Deuxiéme Concert, 1724*†
      Tartini, Sonata in A, from the Giedde Collection*
        * = Facsimile edition; † = French violin clef

        Baroque unaccompanied
        JS Bach, BWV 1013
        CPE Bach, H 561 (Wq 132)
        Telemann, 12 Fantasias (1, 4, 5, 9, 10, 12)
          Baroque with continuo 
          Same as for b-flutes

          Solo C Flute:
          Robert Aitken: Plainsong
          Luciano Berio: Sequenza
          Elliott Carter: Scrivo in Vento
          Robert Dick: Lookout
          Kazuo Fukushima: Mei
          Marco Granados: La Bella e El Terco
          Jennifer Higdon: Rapid Fire
          Philippe Hurel: Loops
          David Lang: Thorn
          Robert Muczynski: Three Preludes
          Shulamit Ran: East Wind
          Bernard Rands: Memo 4
          Salvatore Sciarrino: Morte Tamburo
          Toru Takemitsu: Itinerant
          Toru Takemitsu: Air
          Toru Takemitsu: Voice
          Edgard Varese: Density 21.5

          Alto Flute:
          Andre Jolivet: Asceses
          Mario Lavista: Nocturne
          Kaija Saariaho: Couleurs du Vent
          Karlheinz Stockhausen: Suzani’s Echo

          Karlheinz Stockhausen: Zungenspitzentanz
          Kaija Saariaho: Dolce Tormento

          Michael Colquhoun: 9 Etudes for the Contemporary Flutist
          Jean-Michel Damase: 24 Etudes pour Flute
          Robert Dick: Tone Development through Extended Techniques
          Robert Dick: Flying Lessons
          Gergely Ittzes: Just a Tube
          Wil Offermans: For the Contemporary Flutist

          Plus Electronics:
          Elizabeth Brown: Arcana
          Emanuele Casale: Studio 2B for alto flute
          Derek Charke: Warning! Gustnados Ahead
          Kotoka Suzuki: Slipstream

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